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As Left Spirals on Social Media over “Prayer for America” Conservative Oklahoman Luke Holland Launch

Following the success of “Prayer for America” and outcries from far-left progressives, Conservative Fourth Generation Oklahoman Luke Holland today released his second ad of the U.S. Senate primary, “Prayer for Oklahoma.”

“Our faith in God and the values that He desires are central to the founding of America, but far-left progressives will stop at nothing to strip God out of our everyday lives. Their agenda of big government, high taxes, reckless spending, and a weak military are bad for our families and our freedoms,” Holland said. “It’s time we welcome God back into our lives at home and work to build a nation that honors Him.”

In "Prayer for Oklahoma," Jim Inhofe endorsed Holland highlights his upbringing as a fourth generation Oklahoman, praying that the anger and vitriol too often experienced in America stays far from his beloved home state.


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